Dr. Greg Parks


Dr. Greg Parks has been practicing veterinary medicine for 18 years, working with different types of animals including livestock, horses, companion animals (pets!) and exotic animals. He has recently developed a focused interest in feline medicine and surgery.

Greg is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and also has his master’s degree in Public Health.

The best part of Greg’s job is being able to interact with clients and educate them on how to best care for their pet, all while having lots of fun.

Greg’s most memorable experience was working with a client who had adopted two wild bush dogs after a trip to Africa. Over the years, the owner remained steadfastly committed to the pets’ health, including successful management of one’s diabetes, and the other’s heart disease and cataract surgery. “The dedication she exhibited for ensuring they were taken care of through protracted illness has inspired me to provide the best care for my patients, and never lose respect for my clients.”

At home, Greg lives with his spouse, and together they have a cat and several horses.

Greg’s advice for new pet owners is to appreciate that every animal is different and complex.

“For a pet to live a long and healthy life, their owners need to be committed to a lifelong relationship.”