Dental Services

Good oral health is the gateway to keeping your pet healthy. Poor oral hygiene can lead to all different kinds of problems like heart disease, kidney disease and infection.

At Currents, we provide you with the services you need to manage and protect your pet’s oral health, including dental extractions and cleanings.

Dental assessments are completed as part of your pet’s wellness exam.


Healthier Smiles for a Healthier Pet

That's the power of professional dental care from your veterinary health care team.

A complete oral exam and a therapeutic dental cleaning are vital to keeping your dog or cat healthy.  That's because plaque and tartar build-up, especially under the gumline, needs to be removed reguarly to prevent tooth decay, gum inflmamation, and peridontal disease.

A professional dental cleaning is a complex procedure and can only be perfomed at your veterinarian's clinic.  This is because a general anaesthetic is required to adequately examine and clean each tooth and hard-to-reach places, like under the gumline. 


What happens during a therapeutic dental cleaning?

Examination and Evaluation

After your pet has been safely anaesthetized, a thorough oral examination is performed by your veterinary team.  This includes probing each tooth and documenting all findings in the pet's dental chart.

Dental X-rays

These radiograph images help your veterinarian make a more accurate evaluation of your pet's oral health by revealing issues that are invisible to the naked eye.


This process removes all tartar and plaque from the teeth and from under the gumline.  The same type of instruments your dentist uses on your teeth (scalers and curettes) will be used.


The cleaning process can leave a rough finish that can trap plaque.  Polishing will smooth out tooth surfaces and make it harder for plaque to come back.


After the teeth have been cleaned and polished they are rinsed to remove any remaining debris.  It is important that no debris, such as polishing paste, be left under the gumline.

Sealing the surfaces of the teeth

A sealant may be applied to your pet's teeth to help protect the enamel and prevent tooth decay.


Benefits of a professional dental cleaning:

  • Removes plaque build-up above and below the gumline
  • Identifies problems that should be addressed (includes recommending surgery)
  • Prepares the teeth for tartar prevention and home dental care

Make at-home dental care part of your pet's routine.

There are many dental products available from your veterinary clinic.  Speak with your veterinary healthcare team for a recommended home dental care routine that best suits your lifestyle.


Credit: Lise Rodgers, Canadian Animal Health Institute