This Month's Currents Pet

We are so proud of our patients at Currents Veterinary Centre that we just can’t help showing off a little. Here are some of our valued clients.Who knows – maybe your furry family member might make a great candidate too! Feel free to submit a picture!

Eddie and Merci

Merci and Eddie are a pair of dachshunds who are full of personality!  
They are better than a doorbell for letting me know if anyone is at the door.  
Eddie loves to wear clothes especially sweaters.  
Merci is a good dog but she’s never done anything she was told she only does what she wants to do.  
Eddie gives hugs on command 
Merci loves to run around outside when it’s snowing out.

This adorable pair touches the hearts of all who meet them, and we are so happy to have them as part of our Currents family!


The Amazing Ainka

Ainka is a sweet kind hearted little/big fur ball. She is always looking to please us. Always looking to learn a new trick. She loves people she will not pass up an opportunity for pets and attention. She will actually try to guilt people into petting/playing with her. 
She loves to sniff and explore everything. She is at times timid/afraid as she’s a rescue but with some encouragement/training she’s coming along. 
She loves her walks and car rides. She also likes to run like a wild one and play hard. She loves to squeak and snuggle her stuffies. She loves playing fetch and chewing her bones and antlers. 
She gets very excited when we tell her she’s going to the vet. She will pace back and forth to the door while being vocal until we are ready to leave when ready to leave she is all smiles and is always rushing to get to the vet. No time for sniffing, she’s got plans.
This big bundle of love is such a sweetheart, it's truly a pleasure to see her and her family whenever they come into the clinic!


Poppy and Snowflake

Poppy and Snowflake are one and a half year old Siberian forest cats.


These littermates are very playful and outgoing and we love having them around.


They love to snuggle and their favourite treat is wet food.


Although they are very sweet, they cause mischief every once in a while. Snowflake loves to bat at her water and make puddles, while Poppy will find any opportunity to sneak onto forbidden countertops and pounce in to rooms in which he is not allowed.

Their favourite toys would have to be cardboard boxes. They find joy in playing hide and seek in them. These kitties also like to wrestle with each other.

We do not regret getting them for a second.


Remarkable Ellen Ripley

Ripley is a 4 year old iguana who was acquired by a reptile rescue from an unfortunate situation, then adopted by her forever family. She lives in an 8 foot long x 8 foot tall x 4 foot wide enclosure with lots of climbing and room for her to roam and live happily.


Ripley had a previous eye injury and is unable to see with that eye, but has adapted very well to having only half of her vision.

She eats veggies such as collard greens, bell peppers, parsley, dandelions, parsnips and endive, among many others! As an occasional snack, she enjoys mangos, strawberries, bananas, apples and papaya.

Ripley loves to climb onto her owners shoulders and occasionally likes to roam around the house.

She loves her morning and evening "scratches" and enjoys a nice water misting. She is very attached to her mom and dad, and they love her to pieces.


We are so happy to see Ripley has found such a wonderful forever home for her happily ever after. 


Outstanding Ollie

Ollie is a 7 month old Mini Australian Shepherd. He is full of energy and loves when other dogs chase him! He loves playing tug and fetch with his frisbee.
Ollie loves visiting his grandparents lake lot where he can run all day long, swim in the lake, chase bugs and dig in the dirt! 
He is very loyal and loving to his family but a little unsure and timid of new people, however once he gets to know you he will love you forever!



​Adorable Abby

Abby is a 12 year old poodle mix who was adopted by her family at the age of 2 when her previous owner could no longer take care of her.  Since that time she has been loved, pampered, and even a little bit spoiled. 


When she was adopted, her family was more than happy to hear that she came with two of her own little puppies who she still visits today!  Abby feels very sad when her family leaves her for a weekend, but loves going over to her daughter Xena’s house for a bit of bonding time!  Xena will come to visit Abby as well, which allows for a weekend packed with play fighting and cuddling!


During Abby’s spare time, she enjoys basking in the sun and playing with her many toys.  If she’s not on someone’s lap, you can find Abby outside exploring the many wonders of her backyard including squirrels, bunnies, and birds.  In the summertime, Abby loves heading out to the lake with her family!  Between the relaxing car ride, vast wilderness, and beautiful lake she is never bored.  Unlike most dogs, swimming is not one of Abby’s favorite pastimes.  She does however, love floating on the lake!  Out on the boat, Abby will lay in all of her favorite spots, and if she ever is feeling rebellious she’ll float across the water on her family’s surf board or tubes!  When winter comes around, Abby adores the family Christmas tree and snow!  As a younger dog, Abby would bound through the white, fluffy snow until she wore herself out!  However, now that she has become older, she prefers admiring the snow from afar.  


Abby always provides love to everyone around her and she will continue to do so for the rest of her long, happy life!  




Bruno the wonder dog

Bruno is an adorable baby who is so full of personality and charm, he has absolutely won over all of our hearts.


He is a very observant, adventurous little guy who loves to meet everyone. He even gave a bunny a kiss on the nose! He loves going for convertible car rides, trail walks and playing with his stuffies. He hops his back foot when hes really happy and is a ball of love.

He also has his own instagram since people kept asking for it/taking pictures of him: sabsandbruno where I post all his cute adventures. 

Bruno has had many adventures (and misadventures) to start off his life, we are so glad he is on the mend, and has a long and happy, healthy life ahead of him!



​Barnum and Bailey - the dynamic duo!

June's pets of the month are Barnum and Bailey, a wonderful pair of cats who have been through a lot, but don't let it affect their character, or the amount of love they show! 
Barnum and Bailey are finally getting to settle in and show their true character. These brothers moved in with us last August and have had a rough ride of getting used to a new place combined with a lot of medical issues. They were named because with two little boys and two cats in the house, we were pretty sure it would be a three ring circus and boy were we right!
Bailey is always hungry and begs very well for a cat and will display his displeasure with the lack of soft food by flipping his dishes over! Bailey loves to explore and see who is home but likes to retire by himself for the evenings to get the most beauty sleep possible.
Barnum is a big, bruiser. He is heavy and sturdy! He looks like he might claw you but he is a big, softy! Barnum gets all his beauty sleep during the day so that he can monopolize all the cuddle time throughout the night.
Both Barnum and Bailey like to create havoc in the middle of the night from time to time when the racing of paws on the floor sounds like a hurricane tearing through the house....sometimes they get the blame for what the two little boys have done!
These two are a wonderful pair, and have a very loving family taking great care of them!

Meet Tomas Araya, our May pet of the month


Tomas Araya is a 5 year old female Boa Constrictor that was adopted by her family from a difficult situation elsewhere. 

She is named after the lead singer of the heavy metal band “Slayer”. 
Tomas is about 5 and ½ feet long and very round, she weighs about 18lbs. Full grown; she will be 8-10 feet long. She lives in a custom made terrarium that takes up half a bedroom to compliment her size. 
Tomas loves burrowing in substrate, basking on her décor and watching TV on the couch with her parents. She eats frozen rats that are prepared in to a nice warm meal for her. 
Tomas is a very docile snake and loves attention; but she definitely knows who her owners are when there are other people around. 
We are so happy to have Tomas as a member of the Currents Veterinary family!

​The superstar team: D'Oso, Enzo and Skylar

Meet our April pets of the month!  These pups all have their own quirks and personality for sure, but all three of them are wonderful patients, very loving dogs, and a joy to everyone who has the pleasure of meeting them and their family.
Enzo is a 4 yr old pure bred shepherd. He is full of energy and a big softy.
We call D'Oso DD. He and Enzo are litter mates with very different personalities. DD is a jokester and has a real sense of humour. He is silly most of the time. 
Skylar is a service dog, she is 3 years old. She is a very hard worker but when she takes off her service vest she is full on squirrel chaser. She lives to run and play with her brothers.

We are so glad to have these dogs as part of our Currents Veterinary family!



March's Miss Marlow

March's pet of the month is a very sweet, gentle pitbull named Marlow.  This gorgeous girl is full of personality, and it is truly a pleasure to have her and her humans as part of the Currents Veterinary Family.

Marlow is a very beautiful, sensitive, and gentle little girl.  She makes us laugh and our hearts swell with pride every single day.  I could write an epic of all the uniqueness's that make Marlow, well Marlow, but here are just a few highlights that one can't help but adore.
Marlow is very active and embraces each day to the fullest.  If there is anything that Marlow loves more than being active, it's stretching (insert photo here).  Marlow loves running in the woods and hopping through open fields, free of the handcuffs called "the leash".  No matter what season, no matter how many allergies this pup has, nothing brings her more excitement or more happiness than the wonders of the outdoors.
Although winter is not Marlow's best friend, she has discovered that smashing snow can make even the coldest of days seem sunny and bearable. 
There are a couple of things that Marlow loves more than the above mentioned, and that is curling up inside a soft/fuzzy blanket or hugging a new toy that has been patiently waiting for destroy.



Boo and Mako, the loveable leopard geckos

We love the varity of species we get to see here, and these two wonderful gecko's are no exception!
Boo had been with us since she was a baby and is going to be 6years old in April. She is super outgoing and confident. Her favorite activity is tunneling through "caves" made from blankets. She is blind in her right eye, but still gets around with no trouble. 
Mako is a tough little girl. Her age is an estimate as she was found by an Animal Protection Officer after being abandoned in an apartment.  Her front legs are deformed as a result of her previous neglect, but she has otherwise recovered from that ordeal.  She is a little shy, but once she gets comfortable she is quite spunky. She is very intelligent and likes people watching. 

Magnificent Matthew

Matthew is a 19 year old neutered male long haired cat.  He is full of personality, and we are so happy to have him as part of the Currents family!

"We were selected by Matthew when we went to the SPCA to get a cat 19 years ago.

He is a very easy traveller having many trips over the past 10 years as a snowbird heading to warmer climates.  Frequently flying in cabin (he loves West Jet) quieter than a mouse and calm.  He travels by vehicle just as well.  The first road trip he would duck when we went under an overpass, but he soon figured out that was not necessary!  Overnight hotel stays, he settled in after a lap around the room while we identified where to place the litter box and food.  He once slipped into a toilet trying to navigate his way up to the sink for water.  He has always been a cat that water can not be served on the floor, it must be up on a table or counter.

He has always been aware of body image keeping a slim figure while we free fed him, not a picky eater by what I hear some cats can be.

Matthew is always willing to start or end a conversation and even continue one on his own.  He is great at greeting us at the door when he hears the key unlock.  These days he has definitely claimed the two-seater sofa in the den as a one-seater just right for him and him alone!

He can be moody about his brushing, sometimes thoroughly enjoying and even helping, other times he simply is not in the mood but will allow me to continue.

Matthew fills our home and lets us know what's up with him with all the soft or loud squeaks and squawks that he musters up.  We love him and he is easy to love, an absolute sweetheart."

Wynne and Storm

Our December pet(s) of the month are Wynne and Storm, a very bonded, very sweet pair who showcase how much personality rabbits have.  We love to see them come into the clinic, and it is so nice to see they have such a wonderful home.

Storm was the first to get adopted into my home, and Wynne was the second shortly after and was adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society two years ago. Both of them bonded instantly and have been inseparable since!

Storm, my white bun, is by far the quietest of the two. He is very shy and easily startled, so prefers having some boxes to hide in outside of his cage (in case he hears a scary noise). Normally he doesn't get into many things, as he prefers to quietly follow along behind Wynne or lay down next to the electric fireplace. Since he doesn't like walking on linoleum or hardwood, I leave blanket trails on the floor so he can hop around and follow Wynne to his hearts content. Storm isn't much for playing, but he does love having towels to dig up and flop out on. His favorite treat is dehydrated bananas and  fresh strawberries! He's  incredibly fussy when it comes to other treats, or food in general. Once when I changed his food to something healthier he threw a tantrum by tossing his food dish out of the cage and staring at me until I gave him more of his preferred food; he has since grudgingly accepted the healthier diet but it is still a very fond memory. Storm is a massive sweetheart, and often cozies up next to Wynne who will vigorously groom his face and ears while he cuddles up to her.

Wynne is my black bun, and is the more energetic of the two. She is quick to warm up to people and is very adventurous! Her favorite game she likes to play with me is "sneak into the rooms I'm not allowed in" then binky/race around at warp speed when I try to shoo her out. Some of her favorite things to play with are discarded socks and letters pulled off of coffee tables; she likes to pick them up and hop around with them in her mouth it is hilarious to watch. She is also very fond of digging/chewing up boxes so I usually have several laying around that she can tear up. Wynne will eat anything to everything, so she gets excited about any kind of treat (if she hears the crinkle of a food package she quickly starts hopping under foot to mooch for sweets). All my guests get fair warning to use the coat/shoe racks because Wynne is very notorious for chewing jacket sleeves and eating shoes. She has an absurdly weird interest in shoes! Sniffing shoes, dragging them around, chewing them, sleeping next to them, I have to keep them out of reach to keep her from wrecking them!




The Adorable loving Vinny

Vinny is an 8 month old French Bulldog.  This little bundle is big on character, and always puts a smile on all of our faces when he comes into the clinic to visit.
"He's full of personality, and he loves meeting and entertaining new people. Vinny pretends to be a guard dog, and will sit by the condo door and bark at people as they go down the hall. Although he acts tough, he's really just a goofy, cuddly boy. 
Vinny loves going for walks, and has to stop and meet any dogs or people we see along the way. He loves going to the dog park, where he wants to run and play with all the big dogs. On our walks he'll find any puddle or patch of mud and walk right through it - he's not afraid to get dirty! 
Favourite things:
- Treats/ any food
- Playing fetch
- Hiding toys all over the condo
- Sleeping - he hogs the bed, has to be touching me when he sleeps, and he snores all the time
- Being rocked to sleep (like a baby)
- Snow
- Bath time, especially when it's time to dry off. He'll attack the towel and bark at it.
- Being alone
- Loud noises like car horns, door bells and buzzers
Vinny was really sick when I first got him, and the whole team at the Currents Veterinary Centre were so great in helping him get through. They saved his life, and I'm so thankful. I've only had him for 4 months, but I can't imagine my life without him. 


The Amazing Princess Annabelle

Annabelle is a 15 year old kitty, who has won a special place in all of our hearts. She has certainly had her fair share of medical concerns, but has weathered them all like a champion, and is doing amazingly well.  She has a wonderful family, and it is always a pleasure to see her and her people come in for a visit.

"Annabelle was dumped off and abandoned at a farm one day.  She spent 2-3 weeks on the farm before we decided to rescue her and give her a proper home. 

Annabelle loves curling up in small spaces - boxes, bags, and her most recent find, our wreath from the front door; which we can no longer use for our front door. ahaha

She enjoys playing hide and go seek, as well as playing fetch with anything from her little mouse, which she ripped the tail off of and her mom and dad now call it her perogy or her newest toy…a carrot! 

She is our princess and has more pictures of her in our home/office then other other family member.

Although she doesn't always show it she secretly loves her visits with Dr. Parks and the rest of the great staff at the Currents Veterinary Centre  : ) "







We love the variety of species we see here at Currents! Meet Darth Vader, a very sweet bearded dragon, and our current pet of the month. 

Vader is a two and a half year old bearded dragon. His owners adopted him from a family that could no longer care for him.

His favorite things to do are run around in the basement while his family is watching tv, bask in the heat, sleep and hang out in front of the fire place on chilly days! He periodically goes outside in the summer and hangs out on the deck in his owners lap.

He does not like seeing or hearing crows, loud noise and he is pretty shy around new people.

One of the coolest things about Vader is that he hangs around with our cat Nacho. Nacho is not a very tolerant cat a lot of the time but he is gentle with Vader and they have oddly developed a friendly relationship and have even napped together.

Vader’s favorite foods are collard greens, endive and horned worms. 


Wonderful Waffles

Waffles is a 13 year old neutered male Dachshund.  He is quite a character, is full of personality, just a little bit of attitude, and has no qualms letting you know if things are not up to his standards, or are going against his wishes.

Waffles' family would like to say "we appreciate the excellent care of our senior doggy Waffles.  Because he has been such a frequent visitor, the Currents team are becoming like part of the family.  Thank you for taking such good care of our boy." 
"Our grandson named our dog Waffles. Unbeknownst to us at the time this name had been used before in a Woody Allen movie. Not an original name after all".....well it is original to us - he is the only Waffles we have who comes to see us!

He has developed some chronic conditions in his later years, and so has been a frequent visitor at the clinic.  He tolerates his medications and treatments given by his people, and it is wonderful to see him thriving at home!  Despite his advanced age and health concerns, he is still full of energy, gets around just fine, continues to enjoy "prewashing" the dishes before they go in the dishwasher, and always enjoys the comforts of life provided by his wonderful family.

We are so glad that Waffles has become a part of the Currents family, it is always a pleasure to see him and his family come in!





Handsome Loki and Thor

These two handsome boys are quite a pair.  Though they both have just enough "cattitude" that they like to let us know who they think is in charge when they come in to the clinic for a visit, it is always a pleasure to have them and their family come in to see us.

Thor and Loki are a pair of tuxedo domestic short hair cats from the same litter.  They started out as feral kittens and were taken in by the Little Cats Lost Society.  Later, they were adopted from Edmonton Humane Society at the age of 3 months.  This June they will be 3 years old.  Both cats have beautiful silky coats and muscular builds.

Since they began as feral kitties, Thor and Loki are a little wary of new people.  However, in recent months they’ve gradually become more relaxed around people other than those who feed them.  The two brothers get along very well.  They love to chase each other and play together.

They do have different personalities.  Thor will be shy and timid around new people.  Loki, on the other hand, feels he can boss around any human in “his” space by swatting the person with his paw (with nails thankfully retracted)!

Thor and Loki share their home with a 10 year old Lhasa-Apso Shih Tzu named Amorita and two new kittens named Pancake and Rudolph.  The three humans who inhabit Thor and Loki’s home enjoy caring for all the pets very much!








Darling Duchess

And then my soul saw you and kind of went, “oh there you are, I’ve been looking for you.”

My childhood dog passed away in 2011 & I was devastated. Still feeling like I could never love a dog again, I went to the EHS just for some puppy snuggles. As I was about to leave, I saw Duchess. I immediately loved her beautiful squishy face, & I asked to go in to see her. She cowered in the corner of her kennel, as far away from me as she could be. I sat on the floor & patiently waited, & eventually she came over & lay her head on my lap. That was it, she had stolen my heart and she came home with me.

Duchess had been a puppy-mill breeding dog. She was rescued by a family who surrendered her to the EHS because she was not social & was destructive to the point of eating their baseboards. She had allergies & a slew of issues I didn’t find out about until later. I had her DNA tested & she is full Dogue De Bordeaux, but must be stunted at only 70 pounds.

Duchess basically lived in my closet or under my desk for 6 months, too afraid to come out. I just waited for her to make that choice for herself, encouraging her when I could. My family found it hysterical as every morning I pushed and pulled her up 2 flights of stairs to get her outside.

Duchess was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia not long after I got her. She had both of her knees surgically repaired (torn cruciates) in 2015. Her hind end is just a mess. Muscle holds her together, so I make sure she stays lean & fit. Every month she receives acupuncture treatment by Dr. Jackson at Currents Vet, & she also gets monthly laser therapy, massage, & chiropractic work. She is high maintenance that way, but other wise is not trouble.

It has been so rewarding helping Duchess learn to love life. The moment I was able to throw a ball without her thinking I was throwing it at her was the best feeling. Now she goes absolutely crazy when I throw toys for her. It’s unbelievable how fast she can run! I’ve never known a dog that loves being comfy like Duchess does. No matter where she is, she will find the comfiest place and usually ends up on her back in what I call “upsidedown dutchy dog.” She has an underbite, which makes it very difficult for her tongue to stay in her mouth, especially when she’s sleeping. This leads to some big laughs. Duchess used to be terrified of water. She still isn’t a swimmer but she now loves splashing and running around the shallow end. It was even a milestone the first time she begged for food and chased a squirrel! Sometimes Duchess still has moments of anxiety and I think symptoms very similar to PTSD. Barking dogs really scare her. She refuses to walk around neighbourhoods so every day we drive to the river valley or a forest and she loves exploring the trails there. She has never destroyed anything and has only barked twice. We recently added a puppy to our family and she has helped Duchess come out of her shell even more. Duchess has her own therapy dog!

I’ve had Duchess for just over 3 years now and it is clear we were just meant to be together. She has really needed me but more recently it was my turn to rely on her during some tough times. Her physical issues have inspired me to go back to school & specialize in canine rehabilitation. She makes me laugh every single day & has taught me to appreciate the little things in life. Duchess has a heart of gold and it’s been such a pleasure helping and watching her learn to love life!

Sweet little Scamp

Scamp is a neutered male Affenpinscher. who is almost 2 years old....he has a birthday coming up in April!
Scamp loves going for walks (of course he has to stop to sniff everything along the way) and loves meeting other dogs while out for those walks.  He loves playing with the ball, treats, dinner time, breakfast...basically anything related to eating!  His number one favorite thing is when he gets a bone.  He loves bones!
He enjoys going outside100 times per day, digging holes in the yard and in flower pots too! He gets himself into trouble eating sticks, grass, dirt, etc. And he hogs the bed.
He doesn't like baths and haircuts. Or cold weather. And not getting treats of course.
Scamp has allergies, so he initially spent a fair amount of time at our clinic.  While we miss his regular visits, we are happy to report that his symptoms are now under control and he is doing well!


Cuddly Cookie

Meet March's pet of the month, "Cookie".  She is a wonderful, very sweet kitty, and it is always a pleasure to have her and her family come in for a visit.

Cookie loves her buddy Amigo and loves to hold hands/paws.
Cookie is VERY smart and very communicative.  She only goes outside on a leash and is only allowed to go out/in through the patio door. She will go to the door and say ‘out’ when she wants to go out.  She has been shown how to put her paw on the glass door to test if it is too cold out and does not ask to go out in the winter. 
Even though Cookie grew up with 2 other cats in the house, she is much happier being an ‘only kitty’.  If one of us is giving Amigo attention, she has to be right there getting her share too. 
Cookie has had her picture published in a cookbook alongside a recipe of homemade cat treats.
We learned the hard way not to show Cookie where we hide presents for each other as she will show the person the gift is for where it is hidden.  Our first valentines in our house Cookie showed her momma where her valentine’s gift was hidden.  When the person who purchased the gift hid it they looked at Cookie and said now don’t tell the momma.  When ‘the momma’ got home from work Cookie met her at the door and called her to follow her downstairs.  She went to the storage room where the gift was hidden and asked to be let in.  When ‘the momma’ opened the door, she ran in, jumped on the shelf and looked into the box that held the gift.  Of course ‘the momma’ looked too and promptly told Cookie “I don’t think I was supposed to see that”.  Cookie walked away looking so proud of herself. 
She also loves laughter and loves to be in on the jokes.  If we are laughing she will come running to see what the joke is. 
Cookies family wants to say a special thank you to the Doctors and Staff of Currents who took the time to listen to us and didn’t give up until we found out why Cookie was continuously losing weight.  They found the cause and with medication Cookie has gained weight and is her usual playful, fun loving, cuddly self.   She is 15 years old, but behaves like a MUCH younger cat. 

Pawchi, the perfect Family Dog

Our February pet of the month is a 4 year old spayed female mixed breed dog.  Pawchi was found as a stray in mid January at 6 weeks old!  After a stint at the City of Edmonton's Animal Control Centre, she was adopted by a wonderful forever family, and has settled right into her home. 

She truly loves the two young boys of the house, and never tires of playing fetch and spending time with them.  Her best friend is the resident cat "Dime"; the two of them can often be found chasing each other around the house.

Her favorite spot in the house is laying on the back of the couch, looking out the window. 

She loves food of any kind (whether she is supposed to have it or not), and is often getting in trouble for "counter surfing"!

Pawchi is a wonderful Dog, and a very beloved member of her family.

Fabulous Fernando

Fernando is a 1.5 year old male domestic short hair cat.  He is very good natured, and we always enjoy a visit from this handsome friendly fellow!


Fernando is a handsome and confident young gentleman who we adopted form the Humane Society 11 months ago. He is full of energy and keeps us on our toes with his various antics.

He enjoys chasing anything we throw for him and then batting it around until it ends up under the couch or fridge. His favourite game is "kitty tag" where we chase him around the house, he hides around a corner and then, in turn, chases us back the way we came! He is not much of a lap cat but is almost always near us and will flop onto his back for belly rubs when he wants to be pet. He loves being brushed (especially his cheeks!). He will also come running, meowing the whole way with excitement, when he is called to come upstairs for play time. 
He sometimes does not like it when he is peeked at around the couch and gets a little puffed up and makes strange noises if he thinks we are about to pounce. He also does not like it when he feels he is being ignored when it is time to play and will get into a little bit of mischief until we pay attention to him. But for the most part he is quite relaxed and is not frazzled by very much at all. 
Fernando had a couple of health "quirks" when we first adopted him but now that those are out of the way he is a very entertaining cat who makes us laugh and is a true friend."


Zach and Zoe, the giant lap dogs

These two gorgeous great danes make a wonderful pair, and are a joy to see whenever they come visit us at the clinic.  Their size and gentle demeanors have them turning heads wherever they go.

"Zach and Zoe seldom speak, but when they do, you listen".  They are patient, gentle, curious, loyal, playful, quiet, protective presences that are great in family and social situations.  These two giants like food...and lots of it!  They enjoy going for walks, car rides, spending time with their family, and sleeping.   They dislike rainy weather, winter, any delay in mealtimes, and not being included in all family activities.  Zach loves TV, but can't figure out where the dogs on screen go when they appear to have gone behind his tv...4 years, and still wondering. ;)


Zoe is a very gentle loving girl who loves to cudle, sit on our lap, and hear how pretty she is and how good she has been.  At play she holds her own with Zach and can give as good as she gets.  She is a tom boy at times, but always remains a lady.

Zach is a true gentle giant.  Age hasn't changed Zach.  He remains a kid at heart.  Full of curiosity, and playfullness with a large appetite for life, and a fear of missing our on any of it.  A "boy" through and through with a nose for adventure, Zach has two of which is asleep!







Marvelous Morris

We are pleased to introduce Morris, our November pet of the month.  Morris is a 9 year old neutered male domestic long hair cat, who is quite a character when he comes to visit us at the clinic.  His family reports that:

He is always alert and nosy when there are people around; the better to show off his attitude - he tends to swat and try to bite people’s feet.  He stages a very vocal protest every morning until he receives his breakfast and treats.  He dislikes having lots of people around, and isn’t a big fan of small children who invade his space.

Morris enjoys sleeping, and playing with little bells.  He loves to sit and sleep in any bag or box he can fit into, and like any hunter, he enjoys spending time outside, catching anything that flies or hops, and hiding in the grass.

Morris is an unusual fellow for a kitty, in that he loves to play fetch with a bell.  He growls when the doorbell rings, and you can always tell when he’s very comfortable by the snoring coming from his direction.  He requires his humans to provide him with his own glass of water in the bathroom, and he loves to snack on fruit and cheese.  Not wanting to miss out on anything, he always has to be around mom and dad to “help” when they are wrapping gifts, putting something together, packing, or doing anything new.  

Morris is a very unique kitty, full of personality and attitude, and a very beloved member of his family.






Introducing Miss Emma


Emma, our October pet of the month!

Emma is a typical bulldog who loves naps, short walks, eating everything in sight and cuddling with anyone willing.

Emma especially loves to spend time with the kids of the household. Emma has an agreement with our 3 year old where Emma gets food scraps when we aren't looking if our 3 year old gets to poke, prod and lay on Emma at any given time.

Emma has been a healthy bulldog aside from having her tail amputated, which lead to her using her whole butt to wag rather than a tail.

Emma is a wonderful patient, and a joy to be around!



Meet Kahlua

This sweetheart is a 9 year old spayed female chocolate labrador retriever.  She is a very happy girl, and loves to be around people!

Her likes include: playing at Terwillegar Park, eating peanut butter, swimming, car rides, sleeping under the covers, ear scratches, and giving kisses      

Her dislikes are: being left alone, and taking baths

Unusual habits: rolling in the dirt after swimming  

Kahlua is a beloved member of her family, and works her way into the hearts of everyone she meets.

Sweet Carrot Cake


Carrot Cake is a very sweet 2.5 year old spayed female guinea pig, who wins the hearts of everyone she meets.

A little background from her family: She was turned into the Edmonton Humane Society about 2 years ago as a stray.  I'm not certain of the circumstances, but I always just picture her wandering down 97 street when a kind soul found her.  From the Humane Society she was adopted by a family who had her until she started to lose her hair about a year later.  Unable to take care of her, as she was obviously sick, they surrendered her back to the fine establishment where they had adopted her.  The veterinarian there knew she had an ovarian cyst and immediately spayed her to remove the cyst.  After some recovery time they posted her on their website where we saw her last November.  Carrot Cake was hairless at this point, except for a white and orange lion's mane around her face and a long tuft on her bum.  Soon after, we visited the Humane Society, filled out the paperwork needed and brought Carrot Cake home. Since then her hair has grown back with vengence and she has been strong, healthy and - I like to believe - happy.

Carrot Cake loves hiding, lettuce fresh from our garden, singing to us as we walk up the stairs to her home in our living room (especially if we are carrying her dinner).  She also has a fondness for marigold apple sticks, fresh apple slices, taking baths, being combed and getting treats after having her nails clipped. ;) I think her two favourite things are getting her home laid out with fresh fleece and t-shirts, and when the little bits of hay rain down when we are filling her basket.  She popcorns and kicks like a baby goat.

The Princess does not like the sound of bells (she rumbles every time she hears one), being touched when she's eating dinner, or a dirty cage.

We have discovered she is a pig of many moods and we think she is part baby goat, hair model, princess and hermit crab all stuck in a guinea pig's body. 

Carrot Cake is a joy in our lives, and we hope we are one for her as well!



Meet the G-Team, our July pet(s) of the month!

Pet Rescue

These adorable puppies came to us through Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART), one of the rescue organizations we work with at Currents Veterinary Centre. We were only too happy to spay/neuter and microchip this litter to help them on their way to finding their forever homes.

HART is one of the many rescue groups in Alberta who do amazing work caring for countless animals in our communities.

HART says, "We are very proud to be a part of the Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force (ASNTF). The task force provides proactive, community-based pet wellness clinics for communities that are experiencing pet overpopulation issues. The G-Team came into HART's care as a result of a clinic held in our target community. 

How can you be a hero and help prevent over-population? 


Your perfect pet-match may already be waiting for you. Talk to us at and we'll be thrilled to provide you with information and direct you to resources to help you save the life of a special someone already looking for a home! 

If you would like to help support HART, or are ready to add a new furry family member to your home, please visit for more information.

Pet Rescue  Pet Rescue  Pet Rescue  Pet Rescue  Pet Rescue  Pet Rescue


June is the Month for Patience

Edmonton Vet ClinicCurrents Vet is excited to introduce you to June’s pet of the month – a 3½ year old male Savannah Monitor lizard who goes by the name Patience. Not to be mistaken for one of the residents of Isla Nublar from Jurassic World, Patience can be found basking in his 130°F hot spot inside his 8’x4’x4’ home, which perfectly replicates his native African climate.

When not lounging in the heat, he likes to cool off with some swims in the bathtub, of course always mindful to wait an hour after eating. Patience enjoys a healthy diet of beetles and super worms, and is especially eager Southside Edmonton Vetwhenever F/T rats and mice are on the day’s menu.

Patience is quite the clever lizard, and he is a welcome addition to the Currents Vet pet family.




Willow Brings Family Love and Laughter

Pet of the monthWillow is an 11-year-old Bengal cat. She is a very affectionate, playful and gentle kitty. Unlike many cats, she loves water! She also loves anything that is sticky. It doesn't matter if she is sleeping or roaming another part of the house, if she hears that we have Scotch tape she comes running. (She's a big "help" while wrapping presents!)

Willow is a very loud and vocal kitty. She always greets us at the door upon returning home. When we pull into the attached garage and turn the car engine off, we can hear her meowing while we’re still sitting in the car! Willow loves when we use the dust attachment of the vacuum cleaner to “vacuum” her. She'll follow us all around on housework day – at least someone is excited about cleaning!Pet of the month

Willow is a busy kitty with a big personality who has enriched our lives so much. She has brought us so much joy and love we could not imagine our home without her!




Get to Know “King” Banjo


Currents Vet Pet of the monthBanjo is a 10-year-old male, neutered bichon frise mix.  "King Banjo" is a sweet little dog with a very big personality! Let’s hear a little more from Banjo himself:

“Wow...this is such an honor! Normally I charge for headshots and interviews but my publicist says I need to get out there more and should provide them pro bono.

“To keep my pristine figure I require fresh-made daily carrot and apple juice. At the end of a long day I’ll whine until a human carries me to bed! Despite my small stature I require most of the king-sized bed. Should there be any noises that I find to be alarming I will send one of my humans before risking my own well-being.

“I know McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’ when we go for rides, because that is where ice cream comes from. A dog of my celebrity status also only eats the gourmet food served at home and never from anywhere else...not even water! Currents Vet Pet of the month

“When I’m around, there is no affection allowed between humans, as all attention should be directed towards me.’s so awful it should only be given to cats! Speaking of cats, I also have a sister Aurora who is a cat. I don’t hold this against her too much. I fight with her constantly but miss her when she isn’t around. Anytime I hear a bell I think she's come home to visit!

“My days are spent napping and securing the castle grounds from neighbouring cats, dogs and children.

By the way, I love people. Give me attention! As per your request I have attached a few shots. Please let me know if you’d like to set up a photo shoot. I’ll have my photographer, make up artist and fur-stylist on stand by. (Jk!)”


His Royal Majesty
King Banjo

P.S. Why aren’t keyboards designed for paws?!

Cleopatra the Beauty Queen 

Cleo is a six and a half year old female spayed Akita. 

She is an extremely kind, loving, gentle girl, who has an extra special bond with her family. The love and affection between this wonderful girl and her owners is obvious to anyone around them!

She has spent hours on the dock with her "Dad" overlooking the lake, and is happiest when by his side, wherever they are, and whatever they are doing. She loves picnic tables, and claimed the family table as her own...after all, it is the perfect size for napping on! 

"She is the most kind and loving pup we have ever had. Cleo has never had obedience training, but no pup on earth is better behaved when walking, at home, or in a crowd. We are so blessed having Cleo as a member of our family," her owner says.

They will be forever grateful that her breeding/show career was not meant to be, and she found her forever home with them.


Maxine, the Gentle Giant

VeterinarianMaxine is an extremely laid back gentle giant. She is an 11 and a half year old spayed female Great Pyrenees cross. Max enjoys her status as the only house dog on a large goat farm. She does a fantastic job Veterinaryguarding the farm and all its inhabitants. She loves going for truck rides, riding on the quad, and can often be found chasing away the resident squirrels, gophers and muskrats.

Maxine has had more than her fair share of medical concerns; habing recovered from liver failure years ago, and more recently back after a scare requiring a blood transfusion for immune mediated hemolytic anemia (a condition where the body attacks and destoys it's own red blood cells). All of this doesn't prevent her from rolling around, burying her face in the snow, or soaking up as many belly rubs as she can get. She has been known to sneak her own breakfast, helping herself to a few farm fresh eggs out of hte bucket!

She loves her treats, stealing food from the cats, and occasionally the odd "poopsicle" provided by her feline friends.



A Fairy Tale Ending for Elsa


Elsa is a very sweet female cat, who was found out in the cold. She lost the tips of her ears and had damage to her nose due to frost bite, but this hasn't slowed down her affectionate nature or her "motor" (she is always purring)!

She was brought into Currents Vet Centre by her foster family through the rescue organization who took her in. We treated her injuries, spayed her, and we are happy to report that Elsa was adopted by her forever family just recently!

Here's more details about Elsa from her foster mom:

"Elsa is a wonderful petite black cat who has nothing but affection to give despite her sad story. Elsa was found in Parkland County fighting to live in the dangerously freezing weather lying next to another furry body who had succumbed to the cold. She was brought to Zoe's Animal Rescue and taken in by a foster family where she thrived! She had frost bite injuries to her ears and nose but it didn't stop her from snuggling up or strutting her stuff!

"Princess Elsa, as we came to know her, was adopted by a family who knows how to treat her like royalty, so her story now has a wonderful happy ending!" 



Molson Will Make Your Season Bright

Molson is excited to be Current’s pet of the month!

She may be getting old and her bones don't work like they used to, but she still acts like a puppy. She loves going for walks and sunbathing in the summers and lazing by the fireplace in the winter. Like any pug, Molson loves food. Sometimes we think her hearing is going but she always seems to hear the words "supper time." 

She loves her family and is very much a people dog. She has a little sister (a black pug named Stella) who she puts up with. Stella is young and full of energy and Molson just can't keep up any more. (Although, they can get into a pretty good tug o' war sometimes with their toys.) Molson's favorite toys are stuffed hedgehogs. She's been through a few over the years. 

And one more thing, Molson loves to get really close to your face, like she's going to give you a kiss, then she sneezes and gets pug snot all over your face. She's thinks it's funny and runs around afterwards. We say she's the running the "Pugtona" (like Daytona Racing). 


Get to Know Helen

Hi! My name is Helen and I am a five-year-old year old special needs chow. I was born without eyes but you would never know it by the way I get around!

I live with my mom Diamond, my BFF Persia, bossy Sugar and my playmate Kit. (And of course, my other mom!)

My likes are:

  • Sitting as close to my best friend Persia as she will let me, which is close enough for our fur to almost touch.
  • Barking so loud the dishes in the cupboard rattle.
  • Teasing the other dogs by jumping on their heads to make them play with me. (Sometimes I’m a bit of a lovable brat).
  • AND my  number one like is getting petted, petted, petted, petted… and, well, you get the picture.

My goal is to make it into the Guinness Book of Pets in the category of “dog being petted by the most people at the same time.” Oh, by the way, when I go for walks – and I do! – I count the steps I take, so now I know where all the curbs are in my neighborhood.Smart, huh?

OK, have a great day and I hope I get a pet from you soon!


Meet Deuce

Deuce's family is so pleased that their loving, laid-back cat has been chosen as Currents Vet Centre's Pet of the Month! Deuce was a new addition to the family and recently visited the clinic for some severe dental issues. The family was extremely pleased by the care Dr. Greg provided, and said the staff and the centre provided them a wonderful experience. Thanks Currents Team!

Deuce has a fabulous easygoing, loving temperament. He likes to curl up in the sunshine and watch the birds fly by. Instead of a meow, he does a little chirp and is ready to tell you all about his day when you get home. He loves belly rubs and playing with his rope and is just getting the hang of playing with a laser - he used to run away from it, now he pounces on it.

Loki – A.K.A Prince Loki Lemew

Age: 13 ½

  • Loki has been a long-time patient of Dr. Jackson’s
  • We joke about Loki being my “Shadow” because he follows me everywhere
  • He has 3 living brothers and sisters and one who passed away
  • He is clicker-trained to do tricks
  • He walks on a leash


  • Long naps in the sun
  • Delicious Wet Food
  • Waking mom and dad with kisses in the morning (and the occasional pat on the face!)
  • Snuggles with mom
  • Loves fruit & peanut butter
  • Playing with dad’s ipod headphones (much to the dismay of dad, lol) 


  • Taking his medication
  • When his people go away on vacation
  • Kittens….lol