Registered Veterinary Technologist/Practice Manager

Stacy’s qualifications and experience as an Animal Health Technologist are further supported by her home life. On her farm that she shares with her husband Neil, they have 100 goats, 10 cats, 3 dogs, 2 horses and 14 chickens! After graduating with her AHT diploma from NAIT in 1994, Stacey worked for many years in general veterinary practice, before working in emergency veterinary medicine for 15 years. One of her most memorable experiences was reuniting a dog with its family after being lost for more than five years!

Stacy’s favourite part of the job is working with clients, especially on pet education. For example, she always advises new pet owners to do lots of research, to educate themselves on different diseases, vaccinations and especially preventive care. “That’s the best route for pet health.”

Stacy loves the people she works with. “It’s a fun environment,” she says. She’s enjoying getting to know all the new pets and families that come into Currents.