Client Services

Brenna’s experiences working in companion animal setting as an AHT Assistant, beginning in 2013, pinpointed her academic and career pursuits to animal health and veterinary medicine. In 2017, she completed her BSc. in Animal Health at the University of Alberta with a fierce passion for One Health.  

One Health is the concept of interconnection between human, animal, and environmental health and includes topics such as zoonotic disease (disease transmitted between humans and animals, such as Ebola virus), emerging diseases (newly occurring or re-emerging diseases, such as antimicrobial resistant infections), and even the human-animal bond. 

Brenna is currently working towards her MSc. in One Health through the University of Edinburgh. By day, she is a welcoming, compassionate member of the Currents Veterinary family and by night she is animal mom and student extraordinaire.

When spare time presents itself, Brenna loves her role as an ‘Aunty’, enjoys attempting to tire out her Border Collie, and takes the opportunity to get out doors regardless of weather. 

She also encourages you to stop in anytime with your furry friends for socialization,  treats, and a weigh-in!