Congratulations! You have just welcomed a new bundle of joy (and energy!) into your household.

Here are some things for you to consider:

At Currents, we like to work with families before they welcome a new pet into their home. We ask you to consider whether your family is prepared for the time commitment, change in lifestyle and budgetary considerations that a pet requires. We also help you consider the type of breed that best suits your lifestyle. There are also safety aspects to consider if you have children at home.

Things like chewing gum, cigarettes, cleaning supplies, certain foods and human medication all need to be put out of reach! Plus you need to think about how to keep your new pal away from your pool, plants, sharp objects, even your garbage!

Once you’ve chosen your new pet, you must now introduce him or her to the rest of the household, including children and/or existing pets you have at home. We offer advice to help facilitate the easiest, healthiest integration into his or her new home.

You can also come to us for tips on pet-proofing your house and how to deal with common emergencies.

The most common way to find a lost or missing pet is by tracking them through microchips. At Currents, we can implant a new microchip in your animal, or update an existing one.